This is the true story... of several strangers... picked to live in a house... work together... and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...

Season 1

summary in progress... or send me something!

Episode One: An episode title
an invitation to be on a reality tv show with n other people shows up at jessica pixels house. it's post marked, like, last month and it's all beat up, the label is misprinted or something
"everyone, i just got this invitation i think i means i won some kinda vacation or something"
because of covid, airfare is relativly cheap

Episode Two: An episode title
the house is full of cameras but no crew, and a (cannon?) trip to become harry potters

Episode Three: An episode title
the gang is kicked out of the house when the actual staff shows up

Episode Four: This Episode title
moved into the motel and worked a day at the store


Ardnaid Springflower

Chaz Creamer

Hadet Connenkern

Jessica Pixel

Game Settings


  • Make sure Auto Age is off
  • Enable options: Show Wants & Fears, Item effects, Lifestyles
NOTE: This menu changed a bit in August 2022 (whims to wants/fears).

Screen Capture

  • Make sure Capture UI is unchecked
  • You can press C to take a screenshot and V to start/stop video during gameplay
  • Take as many pics and vids as you can!


  • Enable Custom Content and Mods
  • Enable Script Mods
NOTE: You will need to re-enable mods and restart the game after an update.

Mods Setup

  • Download the latest version of Mods.rar from the Dropbox
  • Mods go in C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  • Drag the mod files into the folder
  • That's all. I will manage the mods. Don't bother with installing individual mods!

Save Setup

  • Download the latest version of the save file from the Dropbox
  • Saves go in C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves
  • Make a copy of the save if you want to fuck around...
  • You may need to renumber an existing save...

Export your Sim

First, save your sim to your library:

  • Top-right Options menu > Manage worlds > Save and Go Manage worlds
  • Top-right Manage Households > select your sim > edit button
  • Top-right Folder saves to the library
  • Exit CAS, save and quit the game

Second, export it to an archive:

  • Use Sims 4 Tray Importer to export your sim
  • Be sure to check Include CC if your sim uses any

S4MP Setup

  • Make sure to let S4MP through your firewall
  • Settings: set your correct save/game paths and check detect expansions
  • Play on LAN: check Discord for my IP and click Join Game
  • The program gives you a random name and you'll be in the list
  • After everyone has connected to the session, the host clicks Everyone's Connected
  • The save files are synced and clicking Start Game will launch TS4.
  • You can click Start Offline if you get a prompt. This is for the Maxis online library catalog thing, not S4MP.
  • Resume the game and load the household
  • Once everyone has loaded in, the game will unpause




Website [ Download ]
This is the software for playing online multiplayer TS4. I will be hosting the games, so you will not need to subscribe to their Patreon.

Sims 4 Updater

This application makes it easy to update your game as well as updating the program its self.

Sims 4 Tray Importer

[ Download ]
After making a sim or making changes to your existing sim, use this software to export your character. It also makes adding/removing things from your game library easy.

TS4 Mods

MC Command Center

Website [ Download ]
This mod adds tuning and cheating functionality, among many other things.

Wicked Whims

Website [ Download ]
This mod adds physical realism to the game.

Extreme Violence

Website [ Download ]
This mod adds violent gameplay actions.