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Name: Jessica Pixel
Born: July
Age: Late 30s
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5 apples
I like to: explore the metaverse
I'm bad at: taking a break
Hashtag: #jessicapixel #vroid
Fan Name: ネット友達 Internet Friends
Fan Mark: 🟦 (blue square)

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Welcome to my website. Here is the stuff that's hosted here. Consider everything to always be under construction.

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Profile My Profile

Name: Jessica Pixel
Oshi Mark: 🟦
Birthday: Cancer season
Hashtag: #jessicapixel #vroid
Fan name: internet friends
Fan art tag: maybe someday
Favorite thing: The Internet
Favorite game: Pokémon
Bad at: math
Favorite food: SweetTarts Rope
Activities: Gaming and general Vtuber stuff
Active platform: 17LIVE
Twitter: @liftedpixel
Final message: Thank you for reading!

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